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A robust Strategic Energy Management System is a strategic asset. It will engender Continuous Energy Improvement beyond changes in personnel, management, and even ownership! Many of our clients also realize significant water consumption and disposal cost savings, and reduced emissions.

We offer Turnkey, Fully-assisted, or Guidance-only support for strategic energy management system implementations. In addition, we offer specific short- or long-term support for your organization’s energy management efforts.

Among our services are:

Strategic Energy Management System (SEMS), ISO 50001, and Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Implementation

Strategic Energy Management is a means to instill energy efficiency into an organization’s daily operations in a way that outlasts any single individual’s efforts. It ensures persistent benefits to the organization into the future. In short, Energy Management is not about projects. It is about organizational transformation and Continuous Energy Improvement.

This transformation ensures management insight into energy consumption as a controllable expense, enables reason-based decisions amongst energy saving options, secures management commitment to energy upgrades, and instills energy awareness into the organization’s culture.

ISO 50001 is the international standard for implementing a robust Strategic Energy Management System. Superior Energy Performance is the US DOE’s certificate program for outstanding energy leaders.

Every Implementation includes:

  • SEMS Onboarding Kit that includes checklists, templates, sample documents, and our Power Up! Suite of energy measurement tools.
  • Option to implement at multiple sites simultaneously through a peer group (Cohort) implementation.
  • Access to our exclusive self-paced, online SEMS tutorial to ensure understanding across the organization.
  • Creation of an energy model with our user-friendly online linear regression tool for an accurate assessment of energy savings.
  • Support through the Certification process if you are pursuing ISO 50001 Certification. We guarantee certification (subject to conditions.)
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Strategic Energy Manager Service

Our Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS) professionals can serve as your SEMS team leader at one or at multiple sites. This may be short term to model and train a SEMS leader from your staff, or long term to ensure that you receive the maximum energy savings from your investment. This service includes:

  • SEMS Team leadership (short or long term) through e-mails, regular online meetings, and in-person visits. We provide assignments, guidance, and follow up to make sure your SEMS reaches its full potential.
  • Creation, Maintenance, and Management of an energy model for an accurate assessment of energy savings.
  • Optimization and Management of your Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA) system.
  • Integration of energy considerations into your employee engagement efforts.
  • Procurement support to ensure the long-term energy efficiency of your operation through procurement choices.
  • Project assessment and selection support to prioritize energy projects in accordance with your priorities.
  • Energy Service Performance Contract (ESPC) review and support before you enter an ESPC.
  • Required ISO 50001 functions (if Certified) such as Internal Audits, Management Reviews, Life Cycle Cost Analyses, and personnel training.

Energy Tracking and Modeling Service

We have one of the few Certified Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Performance Verifiers on staff. SEP PV is a certification developed by the US DOE to ensure a comprehensive and complete standard of competence for energy baseline modeling. We use a licensed, technically rigorous online energy tracking and modeling tool that uses a multi-variate linear regression to provide insight into your energy patterns, and to accurately determine your energy savings.

Our Energy Tracking and Modeling Service includes:

  • Download and/or input of your energy consumption history for single or multiple sites.
  • Linear Regression Modeling to remove weather impacts and variations due to activity levels.
  • Portfolio capability to enable “roll-up/roll-down” reporting for your organization so you can see energy savings in aggregate or at individual sites.
  • Monthly updating of your energy history and incorporation into your energy model.
  • Monthly reporting of your energy progress.
  • Performance checks on any Energy Saving Performance Contracts you have in place.
  • GHG tracking and water use tracking may be added and modeled to create a complete resource profile.
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Microgrid Resiliency Analysis and Strategy Development

Strategic Energy Management presents the opportunity to use your energy cost savings to fund your microgrid resiliency and reliability upgrades. We offer a Microgrid Resiliency Analysis service to exploit this synergistic opportunity. We have personnel with “Secret” level security clearances to execute this task on Government facilities.

Our Microgrid Resiliency Analysis and Strategy Development Service includes:

  • Scope-wide Fault Hazard Analysis conducted in conformance with MIL-STDs.
  • Strategic report on existing strengths and weaknesses in your microgrid and energy systems.
  • Opportunities report identifying projects that serve both energy efficiency and microgrid resiliency goals.

Failed Energy Project Forensics

Energy projects fail. And not just for technical reasons. Energy Saving Performance Contracts and Utility Energy Service Contracts sometimes do not meet their goals because of faulty analysis at the front end or poor construction execution on the back end.

Our Failed Energy Project Forensics service includes:

  • Reviews of project contracts, analyses, reports, and design documents.
  • Proximate Cause and Root Cause identification.
  • Recommendations for remedial technical action.
  • Recovery contract management (if desired).
  • Expert Witness service if required.
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