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We offer definitive trainings on all facets of strategic energy management for all organizational levels.

ISO 50001/Strategic Energy Management System Implementation

Two-day ISO 50001/Strategic Energy Management System Implementation Workshop to prepare your staff to organize and implement an effective Strategic Energy Management System (SEMS) for Continuous Energy Improvement. Includes presentations, individual and group exercises, templates, and tools for a certifiable implementation.

Investment Grade Energy Baseline Modeling

Daylong workshop exploring techniques to model your energy consumption and interpret the results to acquire insight into the patterns and drivers of your energy profile. With these insights you can more knowledgably choose projects and more confidently enter into Energy Service Performance Contracts (ESPCs).

ISO 50001 Internal Auditor Training

Two-day workshop to prepare your staff to serve as internal auditors for your ISO 50001 Energy Management System. (ISO certification requires internal audits.) The workshop covers Understanding ISO 50001, Assessing Energy Baseline Models, Audit Processes and Techniques, and Interview Techniques.

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Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS) Exam Prep Training

Four-day workshop covering all facets of strategic energy management in preparation for the professional certification exam (Administered separately around the country.) CP EnMS is a new professional certification created by the US Department of Energy to ensure a common and comprehensive understanding of strategic energy management among energy professionals.

Challenge & Transform: Managing Energy for Organizational Gain

One-day workshop for command and management level personnel presenting approaches and techniques to use strategic energy management as a vehicle for transforming an organization into an engaged, dynamic, and productive entity. The goal is to realize energy savings while breaking down communications stovepipes, driving cross-functional activities, and maximizing organizational gains. The course covers the Fundamentals of Strategic Energy Management, Key Intervention Points in an EnMS, Management Structures and Mechanisms, and Coping with Noncompliance.

Custom Energy and Management System Training

We would be more than happy to develop training materials and course scripting to address a custom need you see in your organization.

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