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Strategic Energy Management is a robust addition to a utility’s energy conservation program. Not only does it enable you to acquire non-capital energy savings for your program, but it provides an opportunity for a long term relationship with your customers where you can influence and guide their energy performance improvement initiatives.

We offer a variety of services and training geared toward making utilities Value-added Partners to their Commercial and Industrial customers.

Among our services are:

Strategic Energy Management Support Contractor

We have personnel who understand utility energy conservation programs and Strategic Energy Management. With your guidance, direction, and support, we can serve as contractors to reach out to your customers and implement SEMS at their facility, guaranteeing you a seat on their newly empowered Energy Team. We can maintain that position – and generate energy savings - until you are ready to fully adopt SEMS as part of your energy conservation program.

We are experienced reaching out to individual customers, or, if circumstances allow, to a Cohort of customers who implement their own SEMS in a collaborative and supportive process. Either way, the utility becomes a valued team member at these customers’ facilities.

Every Implementation includes:

  • SEMS Onboarding Kit that includes checklists, templates, sample documents, and our Power Up! Suite of energy measurement tools.
  • Option to implement at multiple sites simultaneously through a peer group (Cohort) implementation.
  • Access to our exclusive self-paced, online SEMS tutorial to ensure understanding across the organization.
  • Creation of an energy model with our user-friendly online linear regression tool for an accurate assessment of energy savings.
  • Support through the Certification process if you are pursuing ISO 50001 Certification. We guarantee certification (subject to conditions.)

Customer-facing Energy Tracking and Modeling Service

We can provide sophisticated Energy Tracking and Modeling Services on your behalf to your customers. We have one of the few Certified Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Performance Verifiers on staff. SEP PV is a certification developed by the US DOE to ensure a comprehensive and complete standard of competence for energy baseline modeling. We use a licensed, technically rigorous online energy tracking and modeling tool that uses a multi-variate linear regression to provide insight into your customers’ energy patterns, and to accurately determine their energy savings

Our Customer-facing Energy Tracking and Modeling Service includes:

  • Download and/or input of energy consumption history for single or multiple sites.
  • Linear Regression Modeling to remove weather impacts and variations due to activity levels.
  • Portfolio capability to enable “roll-up/roll-down” reporting for your customers’ sites so you and they can see energy savings in aggregate or at individual sites.
  • Monthly updating of energy history and incorporation into your energy model.
  • Monthly reporting of energy progress.

Failed Energy Project Forensics

Energy projects fail. And not just for technical reasons. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy contractors sometimes do not meet their performance goals because of faulty analysis at the front end or poor construction execution on the back end.

Our Failed Energy Project Forensics service includes:

  • Reviews of project contracts, analyses, reports, and design documents.
  • Proximate Cause and Root Cause identification.
  • Recommendations for remedial technical action.
  • Recovery contract management (if desired).
  • Expert Witness service if required.

Utility-deployed Strategic Energy Management System Training

We have unique experience training and mentoring utility personnel (account executives, account representatives, and energy efficiency engineers) on how to sell, implement, and maintain Strategic Energy Management Systems at customer facilities. This training consists of a weeklong workshop followed by mentoring and modeling SEMS leadership at a customer’s facility.

Training includes:

  • Presentations and Workshops to deliver a full understanding of the elements and dynamics of a Strategic Energy Management System and ISO 50001.
  • A full day Investment Grade Energy Baseline Modeling workshop.
  • Messaging and strategies for recruiting customers for the program.
  • Workshops and role plays for effective recruitment.
  • Ongoing support as utility personnel engage with and guide a customer in developing their own SEMS.
  • Full support for ISO 50001 Certification if the customer desires.

Finally, please see our catalog of Training programs that offer utility personnel an understanding of SEMS and the skills to become conversant in the marketplace.

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